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NACVA and CTI Conference in Las Vegas - Thoughts

Posted on July 3, 2014 at 8:50 PM

The National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (NACVA) and Consultants Training Institute (CTI) finished their annual meeting at the Wynn in Las Vegas.  This was a good meeting since there are a number of significant practice changes occuring.  Some of the name speakers included Dr. Pratt and Roger Grabowski of Duff & Phelps.  It was good reconnecting with them and hearing them speak about the cost of capital and closely held companies.

Now, a grand total of two (2) WA members attended; me and another practitioner from Seattle, WA!  That is ... low.  I will be hosting the WA State NACVA and CTI meetings in October and November 2014.  I have invited fellow WSBA sections and members to attend and ... I am waiting.  It is a shame --I am speaking now as an attorney--that the different professions do not see the value or do not make time to learn from each other.  earing my business valuation hat, I cannot tell you the number of times that an attorney could have learned something from the valuation or litigation support professional. Sorry client ,... I did not know (or bother to know).  Now, I can reach to the WSBA ... but that is punishment in my opinion; I was hoping to get some attorneys to share the load and they could help securing the CLE for attorneys while I worked on the speakers and presentations.  Likewise, it would be good for liigation consultants, expert witnesses and other pofessionals to hear from the WSBA; the new attorneys would learn an immense amount and even the others in attendance. Exit and Transition Planning, as well as valuation of IP and sart-ups are important for individuals, marriages, the co-founders, funding companies, banks, Angels, etc and knowing more enable sus to be more efficient.  Enough of that.  I am venting and few professionals are interested in venturing outside their silos; if they know so much, their is a chair and podium waiting for them to contribute.

What can I share about the conference, well, I liked the presentations by:


  • Carl Sheeler of the Berkley Research Group (on succession planning and the skills professionals need to bring; the theme is that if we sell our services and end up as a the lowest cost provider, we are effectively diminishing the value that valuation professionals bring to the client.  A client that is bottom line oriented and buys pieces, misses out on the network and other services that can assist them transition. The imnportance of working with other professionals and getting them involved in exit planning resonated with me.  It is about the client, not about "me" or losing the law firm or CPA client to an outsider or third party and the revenue stream. It is about the client and their family and charities.
  • Tracy Coenen, CPA, CFF spoke about Lifestyle Analysis in Divorce Engagements and her practice tips (this is something that s arely used in WA)
  • Stephanie Loomis of Winstead joined Peter Agrapides and Mel Abraham to discuss state and federal cases.  The case that received the most attention was Estate of Richmond. They also spent a fair amount of time discussing best practices for attorneys and valuation professionals to use in connection with reports and Judge Laro's views on the premissible limits.  
  • ACO and healthcare practice vauations.  My national healtcare competitors presented and did a good job outlining the challenges valuing ACOs and rural healthcare entities. This resonates now that I live and do business brokerage work in a rural area ... Central WA.


So, I am now back in WA full of ideas and bidding for some interesting work (from a Private Equity group to value the machinery and equipment at a high tech facility that just purchased an east coast lower middle market business, a Portland, OR M & E assignment that somehow ended up being referred to a NJ  firm that contacted me to get the work done, an Estate Administration and a few businessowners that are thinking about selling their business.  I can help all; I have the experience and training to get the jobs done and network to help them, if needed).

Until the next blog!

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