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Forensic & Litigation Support Services

Traditionally, forensic analysis has been an important source of income for CPAs that provide non-audit services.  Over the years, that has changed as forensic techniques, particularly Lifestyle Analysis have been taught to outsiders and these techniques have been marketed to  bankruptcy courts and legal counsel in a host of disputes.  These techniques have enabled us to do the following work:
  •  Identify,  and recover moneys for a non-profit that had been embezzled by insiders for years;
  •  Estate and gift - show that complaining party who made accusations of fraud was the one that abused fiduciary duties and had ill-gotten gains.

Litigation Support Services

Few cases go to trial given the costs and uncertainty of outcomes.  Attorneys will hire a consulting expert to enable them to make important tactical decisions and perhaps get an idea of the value of a case.  We provide these services.

The role of an expert differs.  When called as an expert, our role is to educate the judge and/or jury.  The testimony given goes to weight.  We believe that experts should not be hired guns!Experts are not advocates for one side or the other, rather they are disinterested and unbiased professionals that are advocates for their opinion.
If you are a legal counsel, let us know if you anticipate needing expert witness testimony in the areas that we practice... but give us advanced notice of the order setting date. 

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